Deuces Wild! Dueling Pianos

Deuces Wild! Dueling Pianos is a clap-along, sing-along musical comedy show where the audience is always a part of the action. And no one does it better than Dave & Ted, Deuces Wild! 


Son of a miner from the northern woods of Minnesota, Dave is a versatile, self-taught musician who plays the piano, guitar, saxophone, harmonica, trumpet, and countless other instruments. David was also part of the “Pringles” Award winning band “City Pretty” as well as the band “Rave On!”. He was featured internationally on the Swedish television show ‘Christine’. He was then recruited by Little Ditty’s, Dueling Piano Bar at the Mall of America in Minnesota where he performed four nights each week for five years.

Ted got his start in Deuces Wild by walking out of his day-job and demanding an audition. Although he hadn’t previously played in a dueling piano style show, his amazing showmanship and obvious ability to perform as a world class entertainer blew away the competition! Since then, he has played thousands of dueling piano shows with performances all over the country!

Tickets: $35, $40, $50 first 3 rows

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