Aries Spears

Ever since Aries Spears was 14 years old, he has been a force to be reckoned with in the comedy scene throughout America. His quick wit, charisma and ferociously aggressive style of comedy have earned him critical acclaim, high accolades, and above all, a busy schedule. In addition to being a regular on FOX's “Mad TV,” Spears has starred in feature films, appeared on a number of national talk shows, and continually tours the country with his stand-up.


Aries continues to spread his comedic wings with the development of feature film projects, which he is currently involved in writing. He is presently developing a feature project based on an original character that he created on Mad TV, as well as a thriller about a young black man immersed in hip-hop culture.


Aries appeared in “Out-of-Sync,” and portrayed Red Foxx in Warner Bros.’s “Why Do Fools Fall In Love.” In addition, Aries starred alongside John Leguizamo in TriStar’s “The Pest” and delivered his most notable performance to date as Cuba Gooding, Jr.’s brother in Columbia’s blockbuster hit “Jerry Maguire.”

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