$30 General Admission Seating
7:00 PM


Y100’s Bra Country Concert for a Cure, featuring GONE WEST!  Some things are inevitable. More than Grammy Awards or platinum albums, sometimes friendship is greater to motivate creativity, serving as its own momentum. Such is the case for how the harmonically buoyant, impossibly lush acoustic rock-country of Gone West came to be. On a personal break from one of the most musical pop breakthroughs of the last several years, multiple Grammy-winner Colbie Caillat and her fiancée Justin Kawika Young (11 #1 Hawaiian songs) decided to head to Nashville where Caillat’s co-writer, recording artist and friend Jason Reeves was living with his wife songwriter/Academy of Country Music Award nominee Nelly Joy. Suddenly a creative incubator for four friends was turning into Gone West, a fresh harmony, breezy melody group whose myriad influences landed somewhere between Laurel Canyon, Texas roadhouses, Appalachia’s harmony and the plains of the Midwest. Proceeds from this year’s concert benefit the Spierings Cancer Foundation, which provides financial support to local families affected by cancer, enhances medical care for cancer patients in the Fox Cities and funds cancer research in Wisconsin. Over the past 10 years, the foundation has raised over ONE MILLION dollars to support its mission of helping people affected by cancer, including over 420 local families.