$10 cover charge at the door
7:00 PM

$10 cover charge at the door 

When you go out to see a band, you expect a show. We don’t mean a couple guys dressed in jeans and t-shirts singing about their girlfriends or how sad they are. We mean a real SHOW!. Pageantry, bombast, a real production! That’s what you get with TUK.

Debuting like a Bat Out of Hell, these Madmen from Across the Water are more exciting to watch than A Night at the Opera. That’s right. With TUK you get the arena-sized sounds of bands like Meatloaf, Elton John, Queen, and more. Harmonies that make the ladies swoon? Check. Enough instrumentation to fill out a stadium yet fit in a coffee shop? With modern technology, that’s a Texas-sized 10-4 good buddy. How about a modern band playing the sounds that have lived on the radio since their release and everyone of every generation knows and loves? You can triple check that one. TUK is a band on a mission. Bring all your friends, because these guys are ready to bring down the house.