Donors Make the Difference!

A lot goes on behind the scenes to run the not for profit Meyer Theatre and Backstage at the Meyer. We work hard to maintain the beautifully restored buildings so when you relax in your seat to enjoy great entertainment, you know you are getting the best experience possible.

It takes a village and a handful of change to run a theatre!  A total of $125,000 is needed annually, for the over 200 shows booked per year.  This is before any funds are paid to entertainers contracted to perform on stage.  This figure does not include staff salaries.  Here is a break-out of some of these expenses and this is why we need your support:

  • It costs $51,000 annually to clean the theatre (38,000 sq. feet) and Backstage (6,300 sq. feet). They’re cleaned after each show.
  • The electric bill is about $4,250 per month. In the winter, one month’s heating bill can run as high as $7,000 (heat is on a timer so if there is no show in the theatre the temperature is set lower-we like saving where we can!).
  • Water is $6,000 per year.
  • Repairs and maintenance to the theatre is $25,000 annually.

We want to continue to give you an exceptional entertainment experience with the most extraordinary talent. All while taking care of the facilities and celebrating their historic nature. Both the Meyer and Backstage are here for you to enjoy. Please consider giving what you can. The arts enrich our community and make it a better place to live, work and play. Your gift can make a difference!

Donate today!