7:30 PM

Our story takes us back to 1968 at Abbot Pennings High School. The all-boys school is known for its athletic skills, specifically basketball. Their superior record is partially due to the guidance of Baba Louie, the coach’s tough-as-nails and know-it-all son, and partially because of Timber, an all-star and all-conference player three years running. Timber may have skills on the court, but he doesn’t exactly have social graces with the ladies. The annual Abbot Penning’s Bone Dance is coming up, and his ability to secure a date isn’t looking promising.  His buddies, Loafer and Tommer, are set with dates of their own with Barb and Karen, respectively. The ladies are given some guidelines and tips about behaving at the dance from Sister Bonaventure, the beautiful and devout nun from Abbot Pennings. When the night of the dance arrives, the guys spike the punch bowl, believing it will help them be a little smoother with the opposite sex. Does their plan work? Will it be a magical night full of love for high school sweethearts, or will the night end in disaster? You will have to see our brand-new musical comedy, “Pennings from Heaven,” to find out!


“Pennings from Heaven” opens Friday, July 23, with a benefit show for the Capitol Civic Centre Act Two project. For the opening night performance of “Pennings from Heaven,” $10 of every sold ticket goes to this valuable organization in N. E. WI.


Flex Tickets – 10 Shows for $270- Pack of 10 vouchers to use in any combination for any of the 2021 shows. Call Cindy 920-676-8883 or email