7:30 PM

In 2021, Let Me Be Frank Productions shared “Menoma Mia,” – an all-original show centered around an annual karaoke contest at Sheridan Lanes in Menominee, MI. Sarah Sheridan invited three mystery men, who all had been a part of her mother’s life in one way or another, back to the annual karaoke contest to see if she could figure out which one was dear old dad. This year, we share a prequel of sorts in “Menoma Mia – Here We Go Again.” Now expecting a child of her own, Sarah finds her mom’s diary and discovers what truly happened the night her mom and dad made a love connection. We go back to the very first Sheridan Lanes Karaoke Contest, where Amy Sheridan meets three potential suitors — Frank the FIB, Pat the Yooper, and Tom the ex-con. Amy’s best friend Lisa is by her side for moral (or perhaps, not-so-moral…) support, and her little brother, Harrison, is there to annoy big sis with a quick comeback. Join us on a journey with Sarah as she learns about the fateful night that changed Amy’s life forever!

Cast:  Frank Hermans, Pat Hibbard, Tom Verbrick, Amy Riemer, Lisa Borley, Sarah Galati, and Harrison Hermans

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