$25 GA for judging, $40 GA for finals, $65 GA for both sessions
11:00 AM

This is a natural (drug-free) competition. All competitors must meet eligibility criteria listed in the NGA Drug Testing Guidelines in order to participate. Prior to registering competitors should review these procedures and the list of banned substances, which are posted on the National Gym Association website.

Divisions Pro: Men’s Bodybuilding, Master’s Bodybuilding, Classic Men’s Physique, Bikini, Figure, Women’s Physique. Amateur: Men’s Bodybuilding: Juniors, Novice, Open, Age 50+, Age 40+, Age 60+ – Men’s Physique – Classic Men’s Physique. Women: Bikini – Open, 35+, Figure – Open, 35+, Women’s Physique – Open, 35+ Debut: First competition in men’s and women’s open divisions