8:00 PM

Baumeister Sodas and Diamonds and Gold presents Let Me Be Frank Productions’ all-new comedy musical, “Frank Fontaine’s Bandstand USA” this September and October. This year marks 20 seasons of Franks and this is a special reunion show to celebrate the occasion! We’re reviving a fan-favorite production from years ago and guarantee you’ll love it all over again. A bit of backstory — Frank Hermans and Joe Kiedinger co-founded Frank’s Dinner Theatre two decades ago with their first production being, “The Temp” performed at the Sports Corner in De Pere. Flash-forward to 2004 and Frank’s Dinner Theatre put on, “Frank Fontaine’s Bandstand USA” at the SC Grand. It was the first full-scripted show written by Frank Hermans and Pat Hibbard. The show was so successful that it was revived in 2006. And now it is the perfect choice to bring back as LMBF’s anniversary show. Join us for a taping of America’s hit show, Frank Fontaine’s Bandstand USA. As a live studio audience member, you’ll get to see Frank Fontaine himself host an evening of top songs by stellar stars. The Teen Council, announcer Pat Pierce and Rate-it-Girl Amy Angel are ready to wow you with hit after hit. Want to be a part of the show? Call in during our rate the record segment and your high school can qualify for Frank Fontaine’s Bandstand USA to come and broadcast live right from your high school gym!    Pat La Pierre from Escanaba, Michigan calls in and ends up winning the contest for Escanaba High School! On the day of the taping in Escanaba, the Frank Fontaine Teen Council gets snowed in and are stuck in Fargo! The Escanaba High School Glee Club comes to the rescue and steps in to help put on the live broadcast. Nothing could possibly go wrong…er, no? Original cast members are back to reprise their roles for this special anniversary show. Paul Evansen and Jennifer (Kanzelberger) Polera will be back on the Let Me Be Frank stage for the entire run of the show. Each weekend of performances will also feature former cast members making cameo appearances in the show: Suzan Teofilo Sherman – September 19, 20, and 21 Dan Rafferty – September 19 and 20 Maggie (McGinn) Dame – September 21 Jack Janowicz – September 26, 27 and 28 Kasey (Corrado) Schumacher – September 26 and 27 Co-founder Joe Kiedinger – October 3 and 4 Kelly (Haddad) Gusloff – October 3 and 4 David Gusloff – October 3 and 4 Emily Terrell Paulsen – October 10, 11 and 12 Cast:  Frank Hermans (Frank Fontaine), Pat Hibbard (Pat Pierce and Pat La Pierre), Amy Riemer (“Rate it Girl” Amy Angel), Jennifer Polera (Jennifer Jansen and Jenny Jeez Em Crums), Paul Evansen (Paul Pencil Neck and Paul Leo Vaccine) Tom Verbrick (Tommy Tonsils and Tom Spitz), Lisa Borley (Lisa Lovely and Lisa LeRoy), Michael O’Malley (Makeup artist Michael Magic).  Band: Dennis Panneck (guitars), Pat Hibbard (bass), Tony Pilz (keyboards), Adam Cain (drums).