Dan Rodriguez

Rodriguez is a self-proclaimed whiskey & beer drinking, fishing & hunting loving, motorcycle riding, quality food eating, hippie sympathizing, hobby farm running, people loving, husband & father. Songwriting, and performing those songs for people, is both his trade and passion.


Music highlights:


• In September 2014 Budweiser released their "Friends Are Waiting" commercial campaign featuring Rodriguez’ song “When You Come Home” and it premiered during both The World Series & The Super Bowl.

• In February 2018, I released my album 25 Years, and the title track is now inching toward 1 million listens.

• In October 2018, Miller Lite featured his newest single “So Good” in one of their commercials that played for months during NFL games on ESPN & more.

• In March 2019, is song “You Feel Like Home” was featured in Explore Minnesota Tourism’s newest ad campaign.

• In 2022 he released debuted his self-produced album Troubadour Family Man.

Tickets: $25, $35

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