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January 3, 2018

Hey Backstagers!  I hope your holidays were merry and you’re having a great beginning to your new year.   December was a crazy month here at the Backstage!  We had a lot of holiday parties and people had a blast.  It’s not too early to plan next year’s holiday party so give us a call to book a date at Backstage!  With great food, great service and a great ambiance, Backstage is the place to be!  You can also arrange your holiday party to coincide with one of the many Let Me Be Frank
Christmas performances!  An evening (or afternoon) sure to be enjoyed by all!  Just like any other time, we can create a custom menu for your event.

With another year upon us and probably the #1 resolution to eat healthy, this month we will do a low carb, yet hearty dinner.  Flank steaks with roasted Brussels sprouts and a roasted cauliflower mash. You can sauté bourbon mushrooms as an option! I like using my great grand-parents cast iron pan grill pan for the steaks!  Such a blessing on these extremely cold days we’ve been having!



From the Kitchen of Chef Nicole:

Steak Marinade: Kosher salt, coarse ground black pepper, granulated garlic, granulated onion, fresh thyme and rosemary. Mix seasonings and fresh herbs with a little red wine and canola oil. (Steer away from olive oil in marinades, as the burn temp is a lot lower and causes smoking). Let steaks marinate a minimum of two hours, but the longer the better! Roasted Cauliflower Mash: Cut cauliflower into florets (off the core) and add a few whole garlic cloves, (you can also add fresh herbs here as well) place on sprayed baking pan. Drizzle with oil, salt and pepper. Roast approximately 45 minutes. Puree in food processor. You can mash them with a stock for a less calorie option, or the traditional milk and butter. Roasted Brussels Sprouts: Quarter Brussels sprouts and season to preference. With this dish I would do similar to the cauliflower (drizzle with oil salt and pepper, and season), add a twist to create a separate flavor, cook with some bacon and shallots if you would like! Bourbon Mushrooms: Thick slice mushrooms and sauté in butter or some of the steak marinade will add great flavor! Once it is three-fourths to your tenderness, add a splash of bourbon to deglaze. This will leave a great flavor on the mushrooms as well.

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