$25. All proceeds to benefit The Canary Fund
7:30 PM

Join 10 musicians, many Nashville artists, as they perform to benefit The Canary Fund. Musicians include Sam Brooker, Andy Davis, pat mAcdonald, Victoria Vox, Jeremy Lister, Isaac Hayden, Tyler James, Jerusa van Lith and Linnea Morris.

Every day in our communities, compassionate people witness quiet, human storms and are compelled to help in positive ways. Their small acts can make big differences. It’s why The Canary Fund supports those acts with contributions that can further the impact of their good work.    Seeds for Deeds The Canary Fund believes in change at the local level. We recognize the activists, visionaries and change-makers of Northeast Wisconsin who see and work to address unmet needs in our communities. Our mission at The Canary Fund is to provide those individuals with seed grants of between $1,500 and $5,000. Our funding isn’t limited to a particular type of project or issues. The main goal of The Canary Fund is to support early stage projects that create a more compassionate, just and sustainable Northeast Wisconsin. The Canary Fund is a proud community partner of The Pollination Project, a 501(c)3 organization.

The Inspiration Behind The Canary Fund:   The Canary Fund began in 2019 as a way to honor the life and lifelong generosity of Jim Rivett of Green Bay, Wisconsin (1958-2018). The organization’s name is inspired by the canaries brought into coal mines to sense and respond to the environment.   A consummate giver, Jim, like the canaries, had an ability to “see” in our communities what many could not see. Through his vision and generous acts of kindness, he intervened on behalf of those living in the margins of society. His compassion continues to unite people for just and right purposes, and his spirit will always inspire us.